The Cosmic Clock

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Would you like to be able to look “around the corner” and know what returning karma is lying in wait for you? Who wouldn’t want a sneak peek at their returning karma!?

That’s exactly what the Cosmic Clock can do for you: identify the specific nature and cycles of your returning karma. And the more you know about what’s coming, the better able you are to prepare for it.

You see, we are all accountable for our negative karma, and each of us must bear the responsibility of transmuting this karma if we hope to one day merge with the Universal Christ and resume our rightful oneness with God.

Ready for Your Returning Karma?, The Summit Lighthouse, 2016,

 Discover how to use the Cosmic Clock to:

  • Chart the cycles of personal karma
  • Map the inner dimensions of your reason for being (dharma)
  • Gain valuable insights into personal psychology
  • Prepare for future opportunities and challenges in practical ways
The Cosmic Clock: Predicting Cycles of Karma and Initiation, The Summit Lighthouse, 2016,

“This is the teaching of the stars for the golden age. And it has to be an inner teaching of the ascended masters.

It cannot be a teaching that is based on what we see only with our eyes in the heavens – because the universe is on a curve, and we do not see clearly, nor are all the manifestations of the hierarchy in physical manifestation.

The whole Cosmic Egg in which we live is nothing more than a series of spirals within spirals within spirals.  These are the wheels that Ezekiel saw – wheels within wheels within wheels.

Start thinking about the atoms within your being, composing molecules, composing cells, composing organs and systems within systems.

And then look at the matter around you, and the trees, and the entire organization of cosmos – it is all a collection of billions upon billions, infinite numbers of these spirals.

But they will all have the same basic pattern of light descending from Spirit to Matter.”

Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. Predict Your Future: Understand The Cycles of the Cosmic Clock, Summit University Press, 2004, p.5-6.

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