Violet Flame

Miracles Can Happen!


Hear me, beloved! Saint Germain has the authority to reverse the very course of history, but in order to do so he must have violet-flame decrees from the chelas. For the Lords of Karma require a compensation for Saint Germain so that he is not indebted to the hierarchies of light on behalf of his chelas. To that end, therefore, deliver the violet flame to Saint Germain and his Messenger so that earth can indeed be turned around. Call upon the LORD. For if there are hearts who will pledge their lives to him, miracles can and will happen even beyond your wildest dreams. 

Archangel Michael and the Seven Archangels 3-30-1997

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The Four Horsemen

violetflameBeloved ones, we come because in the few short years that remain for you to accelerate your violet-flame decrees for Saint Germain, there is yet an opportunity for the lightbearers to stop war, to stop disease, to stop plague, to stop famine and to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They have not ceased to crisscross the nations, even as they have dumped mankind’s karma upon the nations ever since that karma became physical. [The physical cycle of the ride of the Four Horsemen extends from April 23, 1990 to April 23, 2002].

…Know, then, beloved, as you have never known it before or realized it, that everything is up to you. We cannot play your part on the stage of life. Only you can play that part—you who are in embodiment, you who are the gracious ones who are willing to give that much to Saint Germain.

Archangel Uriel 3-27-1997

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The Violet Flame of the Holy Spirit


Many among you do not realize how much you need the violet flame of the Holy Spirit to balance your karma so that you may attain union with God in this life.

… You also gain points when you give your decrees to the violet-flame with the audiotapes and CDs that the Messenger has recorded for you. And you can play them twenty-four hours a day for the transmutation of world karma in the earth’s past civilizations and in other planetary systems. Beloved, it is up to you, and it is to your great benefit to apply the violet flame to this world civilization as never before.

Saint Germain 3-29-1997

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How the Violet Flame Works


I know that it is upon your heart to know and understand what God has appointed you to do in this life and in previous lifetimes. I know you have a deep desiring to fulfill all things, that you might arrive at the gate of the next world having fully accomplished your mission.

I can assure you that the violet flame will assist you in accelerating that mission and the spirals of light in every atom and cell of your being. I assure you that you can encapsulate time, accelerate time and find yourself accomplishing in ten years what, without the violet flame, could take you a century.

The violet flame does shorten the distance. It does increase the capacity of every moment and hour. It accelerates the functioning of the mind and the ability of the body to be rejuvenated.

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