The Calls of Jesus

I Call You to Be My Disciples

104705CJ“I call you to be my disciples.”

“I ask that you renew your commitment to giving my Watch, my ‘Vigil of the Hours.'”

Vol. 30 No. 56, Beloved Jesus Christ, November 25, 1987, Pearls of Wisdom®

The Call of the Cosmic Christ
Discipleship unto the Ascended Master Jesus Christ

Discipleship in this age is the Call of the Cosmic Christ.

O souls mounting the spiral staircase unto heaven where thy Christ does await thee, I AM Jesus and I call you to be now the embodiment of all that I AM and to receive me that you might have with me henceforth the most direct relation­ship.

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I Call You to Be World Leaders


Vol. 30 No. 27 – Beloved Jesus Christ – July 5, 1987

The Call to the path of the ascension.

The Call for Ten thousand Keepers of the Flame.

“Keepers of the Flame of My Life on Earth,

Understand, beloved, that the meaning of the office of World Teacher which I bear and share with my beloved Francis is to be that Intercessor, to bring enlightenment as well as comfort, that those who are in Darkness may see a Light, and a Great Light, and walk in it.

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“Feed my sheep.”

101603CJBlessed hearts, long ago I said, “Feed my sheep.”* And this you will also do. But in this hour, I say, take up the sword of the Spirit and fight for my sheep ere they are lost to the clutches of the drug peddlers and the peddlers of deceit and annihilation. This is my cry and my plea.

* John 21:15-17.

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“Come, Leave Your Nets—I Will Make You Fishers of Men”


1023.tif“I the Lord thy God am a jealous God. I deserve and desire all of thy desiring and thy love and thy life—not half, but all. When thou givest all of thyself, I give all of myself. And the Father and the Son shall live in thy temple. This means, beloved, thou shalt walk the earth no longer the Presence above thee, the Christ Self above thee; but the Father in heaven and myself, through the I AM Presence and Christ Self, shall dwell bodily within you. Until this shall occur, the Holy Spirit in the full power of the Godhead cannot come upon thee. 

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